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Writer’s Block

You’re typing/writing away at your story, and suddenly, BOOM! You have no idea what to write! There is a picture I saw saying “WRITERS BLOCK: When your imaginary friends stop talking to you.” That is a great explanation of the writer’s block, but change “friends” to “world”.

“How do we beat the writer’s block?”, you ask? Well, there are so many different ways to do it. Here are ideas I have found or thought of myself:

  • Imagine what would never happen in the story.
  • Draw from your past.
  • Look up writing prompts
  • Read other people’s writing, or read your own writing in a different way
  • Send your story off to a friend to read, and offer advice. Best if said friend is a fellow writer
  • Ask other people for advice: whetever it’s Reddit, Facebook groups, friends who also write, etc..
  • Listen to inspiring music
  • Set a deadline
  • Take a break

Then there are people who think that writer’s block doesn’t exist, and it’s called writer’s doubt. They’re mostly the same thing anyway. Well in the words of Alex of “Madagascar”, “It’s all in your head, Melman!”

My opinion? It’s a cycle. It’s mad writing, then writer’s block, then long thinking period, and the cycle starts over again.



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An idea that anyone can use!

This idea came from a friend and probably is used by many people anyways, but….

If you want to write a story but have no idea what should be in your story, consider making all the characters based on people you’re close to and then try to make a plot out of that, whatever it’s a realistic story or it’s a fantasy, it should work.